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Thank you for stopping by our store Cole's LifeStyle! We love to find unique pieces and deliver them to your door, and at a fantastic price! We find adorable items that often sell out within hours, so be sure to grab your favorites right away! We often restock popular items, but we can't always get the hot pieces again from the designers. We offer boutique styles, which means we usually only have a couple hundred of each piece, besides we don't want you wearing the same thing as everyone else! 😉
Our online brand and boutique offer collections for women who seek to express themselves through effortless, creative, and individual style, so we have the latest fashion trends including apparel, accessories, intimates, and shoes. Our laid back and welcoming vibe is perfect for women who want to live free.
Customer service is our top priority, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. It is our philosophy to treat every customer like family. Need style advice or recommendations? 
Happy Shopping! 😻
Cole's LifeStyle - Dress
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